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Our History

1928 - The Courier Journal (Louisville, Kentucky), Thursday, Nov 1, 1928, page 9
The Louisville Hiking Club was founded in November 1928 by Louisville Mayor William B Harrison. Originally started by the Municipal Department of Recreation, it received its first title: The Louisville Municipal Hiking Club.
1928 - Iroquois Park
One of the first hikes was at Iroquois Park.
Late 1920's - Louisville Municipal Hiking Club bus
For most of its history, club members met at an agreed-upon site, quite often Central Park at the entrance to St. James Court. Louisville Metro Buses furnished the transportation, taking 30-40 people to sites within about 20 miles of Louisville.
April 1934 - Bernheim Forest
A typical hike was 5-6 miles long with an option for a shorter hike. Afterward the hikers would have supper at a nearby church or school or eat a pitch-in dinner. After supper, they often would enjoy dancing and games. Attire in the first half of the 1900s was a lot different from what it is now. Women wore leather boots, skirts or jodphers, and jackets. Men hiked in coats and ties.
Undated - Swim Party
Club members sometimes replaced hiking with swimming during the heat of summer.
1948 - waiting to get on the bus
In October 1934, the Louisville Hiking Club was organized with its own slate of officers to plan its programs and determine policy. The current club constitution dates from January 25, 1964. In later years, the club rented a school bus to take members to the hike
1929 – Blair Creek in Bullitt County
The club essentially is the same as it was in the 1900s, with a few exceptions:
  • We haven’t gone swimming in years; to combat the heat of summer, we now usually hike in the morning June through September.
  • We rent a school bus only for special occasions. We sometimes arrange to carpool to a hike but mostly we meet at the trailhead.
  • We go out to eat at various restaurants since most churches and schools no longer have the facilities to offer a meal. The club had been going to some churches for over 60 years. We still occasionally have pitch-in dinners where we each bring a dish to share.

    The club rarely cancels a hike. We hike in rain, sleet, and snow.
  • undated – weekend trip to Shaker Village
    A couple times per year we make weekend hiking trips to state and national parks within a few hours of Louisville. To name just a few, the club has visited Natural Bridge, Mammoth Cave, Cumberland Falls, and Berea in Kentucky, Spring Mill, McCormick’s Creek, and Brown County in Indiana, and parks in Ohio and Tennessee.
    1933 – celebrating the club’s 5th anniversary
    Thanks to the club’s longevity, members have celebrated many milestones.
    1978 – celebrating the club’s 50th anniversary at Iroquois Park
    Notice the dog with an LHC sweater!
    2018 – celebrating the club’s 90th anniversary at the Parklands
    We are looking forward to the 100th anniversary in 2028!


    Our Officers

    Officers are nominated and elected at the end of each year to serve from January through December of the following year. All officers are volunteers who generously give their time (and often their money) to maintain the club.


    Not coming from an outdoorsy family, I learned to love the woods at Camp Fire Girl Camp (age 8). I joined the LHC when I retired in 2013, it helped me lose 30 lbs! The regular hikers inspire and encourage me every time I participate, even though I am...
    "Signed" The Slowest Hiker
    I have now been a member of the club for 26 years and I am so grateful to Dot Hagan who introduced me to the club! I may be 71, have had 3 joint replacements and several broken bones but I hope to keep hiking with the club for another 20+ years! Hiking is cathartic and the camaraderie I have found with this group of people has been wonderful.
    I am drawn to the LHC by the friendly, nice folks and also that they usually have several levels of hikes so all levels of hikers/walkers can take part.
    I came to the Club with my good friend S.. We had the loveliest hike at Waverly Park, and all were so friendly! We went for dinner and became Louisville Hiking Clubbers forever. This good feeling and trail knowledge spreads from us to all whom we know and love. Kentucky is beautiful and the people are so nice!
    Thank you, Yaala
    New friends I met through the Louisville Hiking Club have enriched my life.
    I joined the club to explore the many trails available to us in this area, to get out of the house and out of my head, and to meet new people. The community, the hikes, and the great outdoors are delightful. I’m so glad I joined. I enjoy all the hikes. Some are in town/Louisville and some are further afield. All offer something to feed the body, mind, and spirit.
    I enjoy the comradery of LHC (no one left behind mentality!) and weekend trips are really a hoot with this bunch. I look forward to leading a hike soon!
    We are new to Louisville and have found the members so welcoming! We get to explore our new city and surroundings. It’s a treasure.
    Nanette and Terrence