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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Louisville Hiking Club. We hope you will find your first hike with us as enjoyable as we did when we made our first hike with the club. Beside the good exercise, you will find many wonderful people to talk with and will make new friends.

If you continue to participate with the hiking club then you will find that you will become quite familiar with the many trails within the Louisville area. Also, if you decide to join and make weekend trips with our group then you will get to see the many wonderful parks in Kentucky and Indiana.

You do not need to call before hand. Just pick a hike on the schedule and show up at St. James Court on Magnolia Street at the scheduled time. It is important that you read the FAQ for information. 

If you do have questions just hit the Feedback link.


NEWS  Please Read!

In 2015 instead of scheduling the 2 day weekend trip on Memorial Day weekend I have scheduled the trip on July 4th weekend.  That is Friday July 3rd, Saturday July 4th and Sunday July 5th.  It is for Pine Mountain.    They will not take reservations for a group on Memorial Day weekend due to the Mountain Laurel Festival that weekend so, since several people wanted to go to Pine Mountain we decided to change the trip to July 4th weekend.  Let's have a great showing.


K&I Railroad Bridge

I received an email from Steven Greseth, a civil engineer, hiker and bicyclist  He is trying to get the K&I bridge reopened to foot traffic.  As he says that would make a great hike/walk looping from the Big Four Bridge down to the K&I bridge, and back across the river.  Now it is closed only to the railroad.  He wants to get people to contact officials to try to get the railroad to open it back up again.  

I am sending links to his report. They are at the bottom of this email. It includes a lengthy history of the bridge including the reason it was closed to the public.  The most interesting part of the whole paper is the paragraph below on page 103 of the pdf  and page 151 of the Word Doc




Steven R. Greseth interviewed (blocked name) at 1:30 P.M., January 22, 2013 in his home at

(blocked address), Louisville, Kentucky regarding the K & I Bridge.

He worked his career for the K & I Bridge Company and wrote a history of the K & I Bridge

Company that is contained earlier in this report.

He said J.J. Gaynor, President of the K & I Bridge Company, exaggerated the roadway

deflection from an overloaded truck which crossed the K & I in 1979. Gaynor used the 1979 truck

incident as an excuse to eliminate the toll collection cost. John said workers quickly repaired the

roadway deck, and the truck was never in danger of falling into the river as reported.

John said the Kentucky & Indiana Bridge Company was negligent in how it had configured

the toll collection. People could drive vehicles across the bridge without payment, and there was no

method or signage to protect against overweight vehicles. That negligence allowed the 1979 truck

incident which caused the deck to sag nine inches, according to John.

John said no regulation permitted Kentucky & Indiana Bridge Company to close the

roadway lanes to the public. Public perception and public officials simply bought into the 1979

overloaded truck story.

In other words, the railroad closed the bridge to the public just because they wanted to.

Below is the original PDF which is over 6 MEGS so is pretty large.


I converted it to a Word doc which is a lot smaller, but is not as easy to read.







We now have a meetup group on http://www.meetup.com .  Appropriately called Louisville Hiking Club.  The schedule is also posted there.




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Weekend trips for 2013. 

Mammoth Cave - March 16th

Pennyrile State Park - May 25-26

Spring Mill State Park October 12



Christmas Party is December 14th



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